Can we fill & take our own water bottle ?

Have we moved away from the question “why there are no clean drinking water facility?” to  “Why we purchase bottled water?” to “Which brand of bottled water to buy?” No one knows whether bottled water is safe for drinking or clear of source of the bottled  water and conditions under which water packed.

There are very few times we have bought water and mostly, we  avoid purchase of bottled drinking water. At times my daughters do not want to carry their own water, I or my wife carry water. My second daughter asks me “while others purchase water, why we carry water from home?”

I want to remind that school children have habit to take water bottle to school every day. The children have cultivated a habit to carry their own water. Do chilren cultivate a conflicting habit when they consume purchased bottled water?

We started to carry water for our children from home when we leave home. Today, my daughter is 13 years old and the practice still continues. When we go on long time vacation, we check with hotels for aqua-guard water and carry water for the whole day.

You see that hotel bearer does not ask me whether I need water, instead asks whether I need bottled water. We respond that ” We drink the same normal water that he drinks. The children drink from their own water bottles.”

Today travel takes time with long transit hours,on the way from home to work or work to home, either in car or in bus. When I travel by bus,  I carry water. On bus, I carry bag with pouch for water bottle and at times carry a separate bag for water.  I would think it is easier for people who leave their homes or work to fill bottle with water.

Today, when I go to office and ask for water, I am provided with sealed bottled water. Very rarely water is provided in a glass or tumbler. When I refuse to take bottled water and ask for glass of water, others express a surprised look. Some times, people provide me a glass to pour bottled water, assuming that I am looking to pour and drink. What is difficulty for business offices to have water glasses?

May be people sip water from glass keeping their mouth, may lead to diseases. I find some office follow a practice where fresh bottle of water filled by office boy is kept at every employee’s desk before start of work day. Companies project reason to keep bottled water is to ensure that employees, less sensitive to  hygiene and health care are taken care

When I go to mall and not have my water bottle, I have to purchase water or go to restroom that is far away from food court or shops to get water. It looks that mall setup has been developed to induce or make sure that people purchase water. I can observe urge in me to purchase water or another drink and avoid trip to go and get water.

When you go to Tamil Nadu, we need Amma neer. Why is government not thinking of having a good number of drinking water outlets and maintain them clean? Seems they are more busy to decide brand of water bottle and the business around the same.

When I go to Railway station, there is Rail Neer. Facilities to get drinking water are less in number compared to shops that sell Rail Neer. Some people point out that the water is unhygienic and they purchase water. What stops from bringing water from their home?

When we are  more concerned about bottled water brand, we have already moved ourselves far from both the water and the menace of plastic water bottle that we have created.  I think awareness to water and waste created from water bottle needs to happen at home, at community places and at our offices.