Land your start-up flight in mid of journey.

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.- Helen Keller

Today, I hear a lot of  talk in media encouraging entrepreneurship as a credible career choice. Indian government supports for start-ups is new and wasn’t always like this. Generations before us were taught to find a ‘good job’, stay as long as you can and retire as soon as possible. Has everything changed? No.  On transition from a job to entrepreneur, one needs more attention to be aware of the risk and evaluate loss of leaving a steady job. This blog is not about transition from corporate job to start-up and if you are one, the articles of Saras Sarasvathy are of immense value.

Ignorant of lean-start-up concept in my first start-up days(2011), we performed quick research experiments on field with real customers. MVP was more an idea on head. More than Lean start-up, I recommend entrepreneurship principles starting with Affordable Loss in articles of Saras Sarasvathy.

When first start-up has not moved towards success and you are in state of limbo, there is a risk of falling in to trap of increasing eagerness to take more risks driven by your state of non-success.  Looking backwards, I question whether I invested sufficient time and thought to evaluate my decision to do second start-up initiative.  I became aware of this risk during my second start-up initiative via session of Saras with iSpirit. One area where risk applied to me was my failure to get my wife consent on the second initiative.

This blog is about landing the flight in mid of start-up journey, without reaching the planned destination. There is less traction from customers. You run out of money. Your partners decide to continue in start-up mode. Your attempt to aqua-hire did not happen too. Your ability became limited to act with little or no money to sustain and wait for another year.  You explored consulting and found the money inflow is less for family. Whatever is the reason, you decided to obtain a paying job. What next?

First step is to realize “Whether you like it or not, your personal life has changed. Be prepared to be alone”.  You spent waking hours to turn your dreams and plans into reality and were less in touch with your friends and relationships continuing in stable jobs during entrepreneurship.  You developed relationship with like-minded entrepreneurs, and supported their initiatives.

When you decide to transition back, the entrepreneur group seemed to keep distance using focus questions. They are right to safeguard their focus and attention to their dream or do not want to be distracted on their success focus in their start-ups. Failure is as good a distraction as much as success. You observe that cherished relationship in friends and entrepreneur groups continue and there is support.  All relationships that did not mature gets tested during transition.

You need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. I failed to take care of myself and feel some guilt still.   Today I can realize a huge desire in me for someone to take care of me in my difficult times, when I wrote this blog Have I “Moved on with life” from mother’s loss? to kill silence and loneliness around me. My wife was also upset with my start-up journey and was ashamed to cry with her with the fear that she would break and I would become paralyzed in action. Both my children eased my pain with their love, started spending more time with them than anything else. My volunteering activities played significant role to create feeling of self-worth to myself. My first assignment after getting job was to bring my wife and children fully back in to my life.

Second step is to Cry out loud for your state for which you are solely responsible. The realization that I am stepping out of start-up race made me look things like failure in competition.  How long to cry alone? I called and people help from distance. No one is expert to support people in pain and suffering.  An early drink with my CTO (close his startup in 1990s) helped me to prepare myself to extent and was not fully helpful as he had the clarity to decide to continue the journey in start-up mode. If you need, call me and I am happy to give you company & revive old memories. I think this is needed to get out of guilt and plan another dream worth your chase and Get on with your next step.

Third step is to acknowledge the concern that it may be scary for recruiters, bosses and co-workers to interact with start-up entrepreneur. Start-up made you act like a hacker and hustle or be like a pirate. Who would want to work with a pirate? And once you were/are a pirate, you are a pirate for life. I realized this quite late after joining a job.

Fourth Step is to do some soul searching and come to terms with what it means to give up working for yourself. Get comfortable with your transition so that you can pitch your skills with conviction. I had limited time to perform this. In this aspect, I was doing transition to start-up to job similar to shifting between two jobs. I continue to suffer from the guilt/doubt whether I would be able to take best care of my children what I and my wife dreams in my current state and constraints.

Hell is for real. Crawling out and getting a life back is not a fantasy. Be prepared to do this alone. Any support is bonus.  I am still in process of that.

While it is sad and very difficult to do something else after a start up, you need to focus on your learning from a start-up to hear a NO without taking it personally and to sell stuff. So think yourself as the product, think of compelling reasons why someone would hire you, and meet them and let them know.

  • Worst outcome .. They say NO.
  • Best outcome .. You have the job and career you want.

Build confidence that you moved from corporate to start-up and you can move back also. You need a compelling story to explain the transitions. Many like me are unsure of how to talk about entrepreneurial ventures that flopped. You need to build strength to crawl through this hell. Seeing media articles, I have not estimate effort needed to get to a career job. Simply, I realized my unpreparedness in my job search and  learnt following.

  • Employers want to hire people interested to be there in job. You are already in disadvantage position not being in a job. You need to present yourself as someone pulled towards the company and not pushed out of constraints or money. I have done classic mistake “ If we scaled and been successful, I might not be here”. Talk to them how working for clients in start-up is similar to working within organization, meeting deadlines and attending to company needs.
  • Hiring managers may be averse to hear negative things. Failure is still perceived negative. If you fail to frames story in terms of what is drawing you to the job in question, to that company, to that industry, and focus on what went wrong with the start-up, you may find interviewers listen carefully to what you say. Some may be happy about what you said and some may be jealous of what you said. At last, they need to make a hiring decision of “Yes” or “No” and they may end with decision “May Be”. That is not in your favour and the resume gets lost in the email maze.
  • Explain move back to corporate with no apologies. Can your reframe Failures as Lessons? If  your start-up did not get traction, you did not get additional funding, describe your learning about launching new products and this can be reason for corporate to hire.
  • Talk Less, Answer only question Nobody wants to hire a start-up guy. Describe your start-up job like you were an employee instead of a co-founder. You are not in interview for a job to become entrepreneur. The other party may provide no brownie points for having been an entrepreneur. Take one or two lines to why you need to keep going. Do not try to explain what went wrong or be defensive to admit that something did go wrong. Try to keep yourself away from the past.  Ask yourself whether  one goes for a date and spend the first dinner talking about ex-date.

You have realized that the fact that you failed is not attractive.  What may become attractive is the experience gained by doing a start-up.  I have become self-aware that entrepreneur’s failure is more visible and likely to come up during an interview.

You need a resume. The purpose of the resume is to get you to the interview. Do not expect the resume to get you to job. It cannot do that. So anything that helps you Stand Out and get that call-back for interview is fair.

Do not market being founder of a failed start-up. Market how you got customers to experiment product, what made them perform so, how you recruited people to the team and how did you get press coverage without spending money.  How did you get attention of large corporations and involved in performing business development with them.  How did you self-train yourself on product management? Effectively market what you won.

While searching for a job, do not start with question “what job will I get with this experience?” May be start with question “What job I want to go out and get?”  The second question is more close to what your start-up probably took you closer to it, not further.

You need to apply to jobs that best suits your talents. What you were good prior to your start-up may have changed unless your role in start-up was similar to your previous job. But for that first you need to recognize what are you best at?

  • If you are software person and choose to be CTO (same discipline), then your skills may be considered more valuable if technology in start-up continues to be hot.
  • If you are software person and performed multi-disciplinary role in start-up, it is challenge for you to project your skills, when things have not succeeded. You spend less time in technical areas compared to corporate expectation. This changes perception of others as multi-disciplinary skill and make them observe that you are not expert in technical areas.

When you have more than 15 years of experience, be prepared to fact that probability to hire senior resource is driven by culture of company, team culture, and budget of hiring manager. Most of them may not have budget or may not be able to decide whether to invest their budget hiring you, as one needs to acknowledge the perception of hiring manager to hire someone attempted to start a business. When you are not from IIT, only few in India would be able to appreciate value in someone with failed start-up experience.

Talking to friends who continued in corporate jobs help to some extent. Some genuinely try to build my resume for you to become employable. Be aware that your skills and style of articulation that were your strengths in start-up may not be apt in interview and can overpower the spot on your resume, interview and upset your hiring chances. This was all after a friend said across lunch “While I admire you, I am going to recommend that you to purchase villa for a crore to have EMI payment of 1 lakh. This would help you to keep your mouth shut in job and be ready to toe line in corporate”.

Prepare yourself to talk on interview. Bucket your experience in to a couple of categories.

  • What did you accomplish at your start-up? Did you build a solid team, sign good deals, build a good product, secure and learn from community? Is this what is in your resume?
  • If you can go back to time when you started, What would you perform different? Which of your original assumptions turned out to be false? Where you spend time that you should not have and where else you should have focused?
  • Identify and share what was exciting part of your role in start-up.
  • In each context, be prepared to say what you would perform differently to prevent making the mistake again. Be prepared to discuss in interview. Do not think answer for first time in interview. In areas where you had success, try to get external validation, if possible on LinkedIn.

I am still not clear how much others receive or what they perceive when I describe to  demonstrate the guts and drive to start something or experience gained working rapidly in variety of disciplines, fact that you do things, not just talk about them.  May be best received by start-ups in the industry in which your company operated. Remember the start-ups may not have money, which is your need.

What I can perform within my control was following

  • Follow behaviour of servant leadership, being humble and  be respectful
  • Look for a small company to get a job, where you can be big, or work directly under the CEO/CTO if possible.
  • If you end up in a big corporate, you are below someone who is there for no reason at all, and your entrepreneur critical eye just leads you to frustration.
  • No one wants to hire someone who carries an aura of failure about them. Plus hiring someone with the entrepreneurial bug is a persistent flight risk
  • Stop attributing problems to external things. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t make massive progress. If you make these regular incremental improvements, your life improves dramatically within not too long

This transition is life event. That means that this would play its role in the next job interview also.  Realize that how others will interpret life event depends almost solely on how you present it. If it is your great shame, then yes, people will see your great shame.

When you get a job and get salary credited, it is really weird feeling to see a paycheck come in every month for just showing up; that excites you for a bit, then the itch to get back to real action almost kills you. To handle my itch, I continue to write my blog and volunteer for non-profits, be a spring board to bounce and discuss ideas for entrepreneur friends and connect them via my network.

Like having children, Working for society and community is a life event or choice. You cannot get freedom from social bug, once you are bitten. Entrepreneurship is same, it is a life choice, you can give up on a career but the entrepreneurial bug is forever.

Are we good in maintaining relationships & Friends

I find social networks help  to share information. They create virtual experience, a a transaction based relationship. One misses genuine human touch in relationship. Friends point to me, not being part of WhatsApp. Friends report getting 150 to 200 messages per day on WhatsApp and end up deleting all the messages in one shot, without viewing most of them. Friends are happy and respond when there are fewer message in WhatsApp. May be after initial excitement of connecting with old memories, I see people keep sharing information sharing and there is less of genuine engagement.

2 apartment neighbors and I share a relationship more than neighbor. For more than 3 months, we plan to meet and the meeting did not happen.  We seem to plan to meet for lunch or dinner, meet at place, meet at specified time or scheduling using phone. At the end, there is no match with eating, place, time, phone, etc.. and we do not meet.  What is becoming important, meeting or logistics of meeting?

On Republic Day, one neighbor called via SMS for in-prompt evening meeting. Other person messaged being outside home. Initially I was not sure and procrastinating. After 1.5 hours, I decided to take action and walked across to his house. He was open to meet and was not pushing meeting when other neighbor was there. He proposed to go for walk and chat in park. After some time, other friend had come back home. Something made him to walk to park to meet us and we had a real good conversation.

Awesome meeting that did not happen for long time. It happened when we moved away from comfort feeling, accept others with their constraints, take initiatives to meet. and we had a good time to nurture better relationships.

Every time I see my club house in my apartment, it brings to mind my youth and my friends. At my young age, I have observed elders going to club in the evening to catch with friends. Though my father was not part of club, I used to visit club with my friend as his guest for movies and a game. The same friend who took me as guest is Senior Army person posted in Bangalore and we have met thrice in last 10 months. Is our friendship only in our memories?

Have not met another school mate residing in Bangalore for more than a year. We are trying to schedule meeting.  I go once a month across his house to Valley school and have not gone down and visited him at his home.  I used to do this earlier. Why not now?

With another friend, I have kept myself away from a friend across last 4 years who was in good relationship for previous 6 years. I had no intent to ignore him.  If so, why I have allowed problems in one relationship to impact another relationship ?

I experience the power of action when I visit Chennai for longer than 2 days. I  call friends and we plan to meet. Some times meeting happens when one of us or both of us are ready to travel a good distance to meet each other. Some times we blame the travel and provide the distance as the reason not to meet. Are we finding reasons not to meet, rather than reasons to meet?. 

Looking back,  We seemed to have found reasons to spend time together.

  • Cycle a far distance from my house to be with my friends(except few) to home.
  • Stay at night in friend’s home when their parents are out of town.
  • Stay at night in friend’s home when my friend and their family are out of town.
  • Do a group study together for IIT or college exam.

No one asked other person on phone “Can I come to your house?”. We never thought twice to start cycling to go to other friend’s home. We did not phone to check whether other friend was at home or  ask whether he is okay to meet in midst of his relatives. We just went and we engaged and has good time.

When I was young, my support was always my friends and friends provided my emotional needs. I think that i miss that relationship today.  Everyone is working on priorities, problems and opportunities in their life.  While we need to be aware of  those things and act accordingly, let us try not to be a jerk — especially with our friends.


Greeting Cards : A nostalgia

Festival used to be playing, visiting houses of relatives and friend in towns. We used to cycle across town to meet them. What do you do across Diwali and Pongal?  For Pongal in past week, we engaged in “flying a kite” activity with neighbour for close to 3 hours, a cherishing experience. 2 of our kites got broken/cut, correcting entangled thread and the children experienced a new activity.

Today, every one shares in their social networks festival name with “Happy” before the same and continue to perform daily activities. There are supposed to be special T.V programs that they watch for the whole day. Structure of the programs telecasted during the previous festival seem to be repeated. One is able to judge 80% of the programs that are going to be aired upon.

With my 2016 question “Where I spend my time? Creating? Consuming?” to myself and my children, I have tried to distance from social networks and also reduce T.V viewing. The more I reduce these distractions, I was getting pulled to memories of what I did in my younger days. Feeling that memories are fading with passage of time, I decided to write the memories here.

When I was 15 years old, there were festivals like Pongal and Diwali. These were days of no TV, no WhatsApp or no Facebook or no smart phones. What did we do?

One thing I remember well was sending a Greeting Card to friends and relatives.  Initially, these cards used to be post cards. The post cards could be categorized in to one of the below categories

  • Picture of Hindu Gods like Ganesh, Saraswathi and so on.
  • Pictures of Leaders like Gandhi or Bharathiyar
  • Picture of Nature,
  • Picture of what is done during festival, burst crackers, cook Pongal and so on.

We did not spend a lot of money to send costly greeting cards. Lot of them costed less than a rupee and we did not have access to Archie greeting cards, costly ones.   Sometimes, as children, we used to brag with friends of the greeting card we received and were curious to view the greeting cards they received. We also used to count the number of greeting cards received, which was more considered as something to be proud of. Giving greeting card was more a way to keep engagement with friend open.

As my father was a clean officer, every contractor had no chance to engage with him on regular days. Festivals was easy excuse to come and provide gifts at my home and that included calendars, diaries and greeting cards. Keeping best ones with us, the remaining gifts was shared/given away to known persons, includes relatives, neighbors and friends.

At college in 1996, sharing greeting cards during festivals was popular activity. Cards were Rs 5 or 10. Exchange of festival greeting cards between persons of other sex was accepted as okay by parents. I have given greeting cards to friends and some girls I liked and have received back greeting cards also.  Archie cards has arrived and was reserved for special people only.  At 75 years old, I observe that my father continues to use some of unused diaries that were left in house from 1990’s.

Selecting a Greeting card was an activity itself. You search different shops for cards. Price, picture on card and words written in the card helped us to decide on the purchase. Lot of time you like the picture and not the words, or you like the words and not the picture. Used to feel cool of the choice given by Archie Cards that enabled us to search books to come with a quote that was more apt.

Today youngsters share on Facebook and we need to remember that these messages are forgotten over time. Also Facebook can help you remind what you did and year back.  On other hand, I was at my parent’s place and looking at my college books, I found greeting cards received when I was at college and it brought back to my memory old days at Neyveli and at Guindy.

In 1998, in my first job, a Neyveli friend asked me to see CRY greeting cards in my office during my visit. I remember of have selling close to 200 cards. The cards arrived to my office address by post in Bangalore. I sold the cards across my office and then send money by Demand Draft to them. Just cannot believe the trust and faith put by people. No one asked to verify identity.

With e-cards, is greeting card forgotten? No I did not. I have failed to move to e-card and continue to leverage greeting card.  My giving greeting cards has reduced.  Happy that all department stores continue have a small place with greeting cards today too.

  • Some times for birth day of family member, one card gets bought by me and we all sign the card and provide the same.
  • My kids make cards or provide paper with a design and writing across Father’s Day and my birthday and I save all of them with me.

Across children’s birthdays, I observe that the gifts are more of toys and rarely see a  greeting card. Selecting greeting card can be interesting activity for children and would ask parents to engage their children in that. For birth day boy/girl, the toys would go away in few years, while greeting card would remain as memory for long.

Another concept prevalent during my school concept of PenPals and few of today’s folks might have heard that.  Pen Pals are persons, you may have never meet and or who you met and have left to live in far way part of country or a different country. Both of you communicate via postal mail.  Doing search on Wikipedia also leads to the Wikipedia page about Pen pals . There was a classmate who was in communication for some time as PenPal, after he left our town.  Letter correspondences are about information about your culture & festivals and also learning about their culture & festivals, a mutual information sharing activity. Lot of time people corresponded first few times and then both contact change address and the contact gets broken. But letters are sweet memories for long time.

Good Read “Work Rules” by Laszlo

After reading book “Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead” by Laszlo. I wanted to recommend book to others.  May be  availability of pirated copy of book indicated its real popularity.

Some of authors points connect with my own experiences in my startup job or running a startup.

  • Choose to think of yourself as founder and act like one.
  • Can you think of your work calling, with a mission that matters
  • Given limited resources, invest your dollar in recruiting.
  • if you believe people are fundamentally good and worthy of trust, you must be honest and transparent with them.
  • Most people who are performing poorly know it and want to get better. It’s important to give them that chance.
  • Find ways for people to shape their work and the company.Eliminate status symbols
  • Split rewards conversations from development conversations.
  • Help those in need; Put your best people under a microscope.
  • Invest only in learning courses that you can prove changes people’s behavior.Have your best people teach
  • Celebrate accomplishment, not compensation.Reward thoughtful failure.
  • Find ways to say yes.The bad stuff in life happens rarely. Be there for your people when it does.
  • Admit your mistake. Be transparent about it


Is your website XSS vulnerable?

Cross-site scripting (XSS) is injection attack, similar to SQL injection. Instead of injecting SQL query, here attacker injects malicious code in JavaScript. The victim is more of the user than the application.

An attacker injects malicious code usually embedding a JavaScript in a trusted Website. From the trusted server, the code gets transferred to a victim’s HTML enabled agent (browser or email client) where it is interpreted as executable code instead of data.  While the malicious code runs with the same privileges of an authorized script, user (victim) is under false belief that code is from the trusted web site.  The cross scripting attacks occur in 2 ways.

  • Where the injected code gets permanently stored on the target servers such as database and becomes part of the dynamic content of the website that is rendered on the browser.
  • The injected code is made available as link in the email. when user clicks the email link, the malicious code goes to vulnerable web server and then moves to the user’s browser.  The browser would execute the script, that appears to come from the trusted web server.
  • The injection happens via input fields on HTML page or inside the client script that accepts or returns back data from user’s browser.(more inside DOM model of user’s browser)

These attacks can take and expose the user’ session cookie and sometimes expose files present on the user machine to the hacker. Sometimes they spoil the rendering of the user interface and spoil user experience. While this flaw can be easily corrected by the developers, once they are detected or once the developer is aware of the risks, hackers find it also east to detect once an application is deployed and is accessible over internet.

Hackers and Developer’s both can leverage applications like XSSer, XSSploit to find this type of vulnerability. It is better that development team identifies these flaws using these tools as part of testing product or website and enable the developers to fix them ahead of deployment.

With more of data and execution getting handled by java script communicating to Web Service on server independently, the scope of this vulnerability increases. Simple developer practices can easily reduce risk due to this vulnerability

  • Validate input: Each input field in HTML page needs to be validated for script tags. This is important and may not be sufficient to prevent all XSS attacks. Be aware of the danger when input fields allow entering of invalid characters to suit user requirement.
  • Encoding: Can we encode the inputs in a field and present the same as safe string for HTML use? This prevents malicious code from executing.  There are special libraries that provide encoding methods. In the same way, any data that is send to user’s browser can be HTML entity encoded.  This makes any malicious code to become harmless display characters on the user’s browser.

Check whether your website is free of XSS vulnerability. If static code analysis is performed for your C# or java code, it is time to check whether your JavaScript code is also subjected via static code analysis.

Used following links to understand XSS related flaws related to knockout.js and also link to secured library

If you want to allow users to customize their web page using HTML and CSS, please also take care of XSS vulnerability.


Did you verify that news is a fact and not a rumor?

Social networks helped to collect money and relief materials for charity. The smartphone was leveraged across volunteers in Bangalore to collect and identify the right set of relief materials needed in Chennai. People interested to donate reached volunteers using smart phone. With the advent of internet, WhatsApp  via mobile, everyone is connected to the free flow of information. This gives the feeling that smartphone is smart.

Today information is available in few clicks and i observe  that”You do not need to look out for information and the information finds you. ”

Across Chennai rains, people were sharing the need for help via social networks. Few people confirmed the source before sharing on the network.  False News like  “Porur lake is opened and going to flood” creates panic.  One of AID volunteer at ground shared” A genuine need was shared and was also verified. No help reached the person in need. A life was lost at the end without timely help”.  While this message has been shared by large number of people, may be everyone assumed that some one else would reach the person in need to offer support.

  • How do we identify that a particular new is rumor or a fact? What happens when people act based on rumor that can be disastrous?
  • When we see a message asking for help,  Do we check whether some one has offered help already or not? May be we could use phone?
  • When we share message that needs help, do we take responsibility to verify after some time whether real help has reached the needy?

Human nature has desire to feel important. We end up doing things that would satisfy our desire to be important.  The way we gain importance has changed over years and the urge persists.

Is it that one feels important  when shares the news first in social network? I am perfectly fine when the news is confirmed to be authentic and true fact.  We commit a great sin when we share without confirming the source or reality.

When everyone says the same things, there starts a  blind faith or belief that it must be true and also comes a claim that otherwise many people would not say the same thing. We fail to verify the information in reality and the onus of verifying the information get shifted to others.

Remember that information that you receive on your smart phone need not always be ‘smart’ after all.  Please avoid sensational media or new and search for validity of suspicious information. Try to trace the original source of a message before sharing message- news or rumor.


Bye 2015,year of Transition from Start-up To

Wish you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year 2016.

2015, an year of learning for me with its Lows and Highs. Started year with no money earning opportunity. Found a lot of good people to support in ecosystem and learnt that it is my responsibility to go in search for them and ask for what we need, without expectations. It is all within me to look at life experiences as positive, learn and  strive to be more positive, it does not matter what others do.  My realization towards money is to prioritize earning money to meet family needs before meeting my desire of being on my own.

While year started with my desire to bring money on the table, my wife did not appear to believe that I would bring money to table. Failure Videos of Muki PepperSquare helped me a lot to cope up in failure stage. Decided to experiment with consulting and clear targets of money to be earned per month, growth needed and a minimal hourly rate to engage with clients(very less).

I was demanding myself to earn money for first 4 months to meet family needs, have surplus to take vacation with my children, wife and travel by flight.( 4 years ask) and revenue earnings needs to increase month on month. On failure to reach goals, I would move on to a job with baseline to share with recruiters interested in my current pay (instead of zero).

In 1st  quarter of 2015, I worked with product firms wanted to migrate their portal from old web version to new web version with new product features. I worked for money with young folks of business family to shape idea in to Technology & board developers to kick start development.

To generate leads, I created habit to meet one entrepreneur every week. Generate leads in mobile app development with large firms. and also with startups where money equation was always a mismatch. With belief to “Dig well before thirsty”, enabled a few service startup guys(Big Data) to come with presentation deck & expose them to business model canvas.

Got to evangelize IT skill initiative for  large skill development NGO lead to engaging with Big-5 firm partner , who was interested to board me, the organization showed reluctance to hire non-MBA person.

Proud to meet this women entrepreneur, who experiment with me to spear-head initiative to write articles in language. Ground experiment made me see how my work has relevance to her mission and realized that my writing was more to express myself & less relevance to express others Feel amazed for the belief, faith she had put in me and paid for travel too.

Thanks to growth startup entrepreneurs from Delhi and Chennai region who reached me to explore opportunities with relocation. I was not planned to shift my family for my needs. At the same time, I was feeling  bad that I was not ready to relocate and did not make use of interest of people interested in me.

While I was earning money, the money was good for startup guy and out of the way for my growth plans.  In late March, I realized leads in hand and time to closure and my inability to pay my 2 daughters initial term fees( amounts to a lakh) demanding that I break my savings.

I went to my friend, my ex-boss at proteans and asked for help. He put me one of our ex-clients, which was first job and I joined.  My Chennai friend stepped-in to pay my school fees. Thanks to PJ for sharing your shoulders to cry, crib and complaint my failure. An Chennai entrepreneur stepped in to see how he help me become stable where I am.(debted to him too).

Next 8 months of 2015 has been in stable employment with product company. There are different varied emotions when friends in startup world share their reaching of goals in terms of revenue or funding. Most of them have toiled long years on their own and  Feel happy for each one of their success and feel proud to attend some of their events of transition.

Doing a lot of self retrospection. Articles of Recharge my career  makes me to think. Still in good personal touch my co-founders and other founders. Cycled to work, geared myself on technology. Live in 4 mile radius.

  • Very happy to go with family on 10 day vacation and spend money and they really enjoyed the experience.
  • Be home to look at my children in evening by 5 pm . ( few late night calls).
  • Support my wife to go for her Saturday training and take care of children at home.

Last 8 months, question keeps coming around on my interest to be entrepreneur again. Observe my behavior comes with in-build  entrepreneurial straits.

  • iSpirit belief in me and invitation to entrepreneur events, (attended Chennai SaSx2) helps me keep confidence when I feel down.
  • Initiated & Involved to collect relief materials for Chennai in Dec.
  • Continue to run old news papers campaign of Karunashraya for 5th year along with my wife – a real community bonding.

Wish you and Your family a happy and prosperous New Year 2016.